Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year's Eve and Sex with Rick Perry

On the afternoon of the New Year's Eve, I did useful stuff: went grocery shopping, returned library books, went and got some little stuff from Marshall's with my $50 Christmas gift card ($4 worth of Jelly Bellies, a bath-mat for $5). Then came home and took out the trash, did dishes.

While I was out, did mind tricks: "What if I were out doing errands on the day of New Year's Eve and actually looking forward to something to do that night, too..."

Thinking "what if" put me in a better mood.

In actuality, I did feel relatively good. But I expected some brou-ha-ha, being New Year's Eve. Last night, for instance, the neighbors in the 2 houses next door started shooting off fireworks around 11:45pm, going on for the next 2 hours. I called the cops, I got so sick of it. Then tonight on New Year's, I called the cops again because the neighbors started their fireworks around 8:45pm. And went on. And on. And on. Not just little Black Cats, but loud stuff jolting me out of my chair!

There's an Austin ordinance against fireworks in the city limits. Matters not, apparently, since the cops never came, but at least I'm on record about being disturbed. Obviously, would much rather have had something to do tonight other than being at home and being officially bothered by neighbors!

Oh, re "sex with Rick Perry": The night before New Year's Eve, had not just one but TWO dreams about having sex with him! Have never liked him, not a Republican, etc. But the sex dreams were hot! ;p So much so that the next day I turned on C-SPAN just to see SOMETHING, ANYTHING with Rick Perry in Iowa!

Oh my god, I have indeed, in my utter isolation, gone completely mad! ;p Well, maybe not so much: Rick Perry and Mitt Romney sex dreams are still (barely) within the realm of normal, I suppose. (Hey, I did briefly have a Mormon boyfriend in high school.)

If I, in the future, report anything at all sexual about Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum, however... Ewwwww.

p.s. Just looked up both Perry and Romney on Wikipedia: Pisces, both. Their eyes. Sex.

p.p.s. Just yelled out the window at the assholes next door shooting off fireworks at 3:30am: "Shut the fuck up, you asshole frat-boys, it's 3 am!" (They're asshole wimpy HIPSTERS, so I thought the "frat-boy" thing would get their goat.) I got one yell back: "RELAX." To which I responded: "It's fucking 3 am! Shut the fuck up!"

I enjoyed going NEW YORK/NEW JERSEY on their dumb Austin asses. They're not used to screaming and confrontation. Just try me, stupid, loud fuckers. Just try me. I've called the police twice tonight. I'm just dying to go over there myself. God, I'm so mad and just drunk enough. Rick Perry-sex mad and drunk enough to fight because I have nothing at all better to do.

ppps: As of 4am: No other noise...

I do, though, think that in the very near future I need to be fucking -- yes, fucking -- some older, good-looking, take-charge Texas man. This silly Internet stuff for the past 3 years with so-and-so has been ridiculous! No more wimps!

pppps: I do like the fact that Rick Perry's favorite movie is apparently "Immortal Beloved"! That is sexy. His pick, and the others below, came from the conservative "Washington Times" from a story on 10/30/11:

• Newt Gingrich — Casablanca
• Michele Bachmann — Braveheart (Or Saving Private Ryan)
• Rick Santorum — Field of Dreams (among others)
• Ron Paul – Ron Paul does not really watch movies
• Mitt Romney — O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Barack Obama has listed Casablanca, The Godfather, Lawrence of Arabia, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as his favorite movies.


Aside from "Immortal Beloved," I must say that I'm most enthusiastic about the non-generic choices of "O Brother, Where Are Thou?" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"!

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