Sunday, February 05, 2012

Work it, girl.

By now all of my tax statements have arrived for last year... I had lost track, but it turns out that I worked (freelance and temp) for a whopping NINE different companies! I'd been bummed out by my lack of work lately, which always flashes me back to various other times over the past year that I'd, for lack of any calls from employers, been forced to do nothing but lie around, stagnating. Still feel bummed, but the NINE tax statements also made me feel a little better... They proved that I'd indeed been TRYING, hustling up work to the best of my ability.

That this concern about lack of steady work has been festering in my psyche is indicated by a dream I had earlier today: I was waving my bundle of tax statements in front of both my mother and father, yelling first at one then the other: "See, see!" I can understand trying to prove something to my mother, who's a real workhorse and big on non-laziness, but Daddy?! He put in his 20 years in the military, then retired at the age of 39 and hasn't worked a day in his life since! :)

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