Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Robyn Crawford Photo

Since I first wondered on this blog a week ago what Whitney Houston's girlfriend Robyn Crawford had to say about Houston's death, hits to this blog have increased 10-fold because of people doing "Robyn Crawford" searches. Since people are so interested, here's a picture/article I found of Houston with Crawford on UK's Daily Mail site. (Robyn Crawford is on the far right.)

My post just below this is about "Determinism" --- how our experiences in our younger years determine our behavior in later life... I do think that Whitney Houston's religious background and family influence and, finally, desire to prove to the media that she wasn't a lesbian, encouraged her to marry a man, Bobby Brown, that she didn't particularly want to marry. (Brown says the same in his biography: That Whitney married him primarily to assuage her media critics who were accusing her of being a lesbian and of having no soul..., not because she loved him.)

I'm sick of actual lovers being deleted from the "official" biographies.

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