Thursday, February 23, 2012

Simen Johan

Catching up on old New Yorkers while at a not-too-demanding day job, came across this picture and couldn't stop LOOOOOKING at it. It's by photographer/artist Simen Johan, from his earlier exhibit in NYC, "Until the Kingdom Comes." At first I thought it was an actual photo: "How did he capture that creature in that pose? So like women in old portraiture!" (well, from the waist up!) After a search, saw other shots from his exhibit, and STILL was awed by his seemingly uncanny ability to catch animals in JUST the right settings... "This guy's a GENIUS!" Well, turns out, of course, that they're not straight photos at all. I was mildly disappointed at first to learn that he does manipulate images. But not disappointed for long after spending time looking at his work: Beautiful and eerie and brilliant -- and one of his themes is anthropomorphism, which was exactly my reaction to the first photo. What an interesting, exciting find for me!

Milo Gallery exhibit Nov/Dec 2011.

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