Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I'm going to have a good spring, dammit, and here's partially why: These cheap canvas shoes! They were only $35, but they are padded and comfortable and they look cool, and I wore them today (when it was an ungodly 80 degrees on a February 1!) with khakis and a black T and felt really cute. I can see myself wearing these come April at an outdoor cafe, and coming home late enough so that I don't have to listen to the sloppy hippies next door haw-hawing in their backyard until 4 in the morning! One can always dream. At both ends of the spectrum, loud hippies and loud frat boys are usually only tolerable if you have someone of your own with you.

Until I find someone of my own to be with me...God bless Amazon! I've now ordered 5 pairs of shoes from their sellers since after Christmas (ranging in price from $35 to $99), and all of them fit just fine (no returns), and I've had a BLAST shopping from hundreds and thousands of styles rather than having to rely on the crappy selection in nearby stores. (Seriously, it's depressing when you have an idea of what you want and are unable to find it in a physical store -- especially with no car; I can't just jot randomly all over town!)

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