Monday, March 19, 2012

As god is my witness...

... I'll not be schlumpy this season! (Notice I didn't say "never be schlumpy again"!) :)

And these shirts are partially why.

I don't think anyone realizes the full extent of my clothing/shoe/accessory decrepitude over something like the last 5 YEARS! All the to-New York and in-New York and recuperating-from-New York led to, whenever I had a few extra dollars to spare -- which was seldom, getting just basics. (Which was embarrassingly noted last summer by my 8-year-old nephew; the family had met for whatever dinner occasions maybe twice in 2 months, and in the middle of the second get-together, he blurted out: "Aunt Steffie, that's the shirt you wore last time." Aaaaaargh! Which led to my internal Scarlett O'Hara moment: "As god is my witness, I'll never be called out on clothing ineptitude by an 8-year-old straight boy again!")

Well, it took a year to work my way up to enacting that defiant vow. I've been making for the past 2 weeks, and I'm going to be making until the end of April, boatloads of money, and in that time period, I'm going to earn enough to (a) pay my rent through July; (b) get a new state-of-the-art computer; and (c) spend a TON of money on clothes.

The clothes-spending started this weekend at Marshall's. (Still too paranoid about not having a permanent job to go to a full-priced store...) Where I told myself just to get everything I felt like getting. (At Marshall's, that's not overly dramatic, since it's a discount place; this "spree" only cost me $252 -- but... how odd and scary it felt, nonetheless, to shell out $252 all at once after all of these years of penury!)

At the end of a feverish 2 hours and $252, I wound up with:

2 pairs of capris (jean and salmon)
2 pairs of pants (white and bright orange)
4 shirts
a camisole for a see-through shirt
3 pairs of shoes (black dressy, black flats, salmon/pink-toned sandals)

Now, two months ago, scrimping along, I was just telling myself that all I needed for the spring/summer were a pair of white pants and white espadrilles, plus a couple of new T-shirts and maybe 2 pairs of shorts...if I was lucky enough to be able to afford THAT. Again, just the basics to get me by, nothing "crazy" since I'd have nothing to match...

Wooooooo! I got me some orange pants and some salmon capris and a hot-pink shirt! And I spent half my day at work today shopping on eBay for necklaces and earrings to match! (The job that started out so mean and scary last week turned into, after the second day, yet another job of "sitting-around-and-waiting-for-work-to-come-in." Plus my boss told my graphics co-workers that I had been hired as a COPY EDITOR and that THEY needed to do the graphics work that I'd been asked to do my first day!)

Just the beginning, folks, just the beginning.

Still to come (that I KNOW I want/need):

white espadrilles or flats
white sandals
multi-colored (reddish) espadrilles from Blowfish that I've already picked out
dark blue espadrilles
dark blue Levis
t-shirts (2 white, 2 black, 1 tan, 1 smoky pink, 1 dark blue)
tank-tops/camisoles (1 white, 1 black)
5 pairs of shorts (khaki, army green, white, jean, pink)

And after I fulfill that "needed" list, I'm going for more, more, and crazy more! Especially shirts and necklaces and bracelets and earrings to match everything else. Won't quit 'til I hit $1000.

I'm going to have a GODDAMN GOOD SUMMER with GOOD CLOTHES! Dammit. I'm sick to death of feeling schlumpy and deprived.

Oh yeah: And I'm going to have good hair, too! :) My haircut has sucked for the past 4 months or so; guess my regular stylist and my hair are just burnt out on each other. Since Christmas I've been wishing for a fresh start with a new stylist (preferably downtown or east), but having no idea where I'd find such -- it's HARD to switch hairdressers when you're used to one. (You may not be completely satisfied, but, as with a girlfriend, you also know that it could be massively worse and so you tend to stay put...)

While on the bus home from my new temp job last week, caught a glimpse of a big ol' sign -- "VAIN" -- in front of a renovated old house maybe 3 blocks from the house where I used to live back before I moved to NY in 2007 (and still within walking distance of where I live now)... Curious, and hoping that "VAIN" could only mean a hair salon, I looked it up on the 'net --- sure 'nuff: A salon that opened about 5 months after I moved! And the Yelp reviews were very good. Made an appointment for this Wednesday!

And this coming weekend, I'm also getting a pedicure to kick off the spring. My first pedi in over 3 years!

Enuff with the schlump! For this season, at least! :) (There might be a new red love-seat in my future, too, but that's pushin' it. I'm just hoping for the computer and clothes and rent-through-July for now.)


Jennifer said...

I am very happy for you. I'm glad finances and the clothing situation improved! It always makes me feel better having new clothes.

Beth Austin said...

Thanks, Jennifer! :)