Sunday, March 04, 2012


I think I was a bitch today, despite my very good start of waking up at 8, getting groceries shopped and dishes washed by 11, then getting to the city library (to return books and do freelance work) by 12.

The problem started when I sat down at a library table, mentally prepped for hours of peaceful work. But there was a young Indian guy who kept pacing up and down the aisle next to my table. And he was carrying a puppet. And he was talking out loud to the puppet. After his 3rd or so pass while he was talking, I made glaring eye contact with him. He interrupted his puppet conversation to say "Hello" to me. I said a very loud, abrasive "HELLO!" back. He seemed startled (which I'd intended him to be) and moved on. But then in the next 15 minutes, he came back a 4th and 5th time up and down the aisle, still talking OUT LOUD to the fucking puppet!

At his 5th or so pass by my table, I said to him, "WHY do you keep walking around talking to yourself? It's annoying." He again looked startled. No answer.

Silence/no walking for maybe another 15 minutes. Then he started going up and down the aisles again. (This time sans puppet.) By this time, I'd had enough already. When he again passed my table and looked over at me, I said, "What is your problem?" He said, "I'm just looking for books for my class." ME: "You're NOT looking for books! You're just walking around talking to yourself and acting weird! I WILL go downstairs and report you! Do you want me to report you?" HIM: No answer/walks off. Thank god, nothing out of him for the next several hours that I was there.

Jesus! I know that the public libraries are havens for homeless guys to hang out in during the day, but the homeless guys are usually well-behaved. They actually have a book or a magazine to look at while they're camping out. And they're quiet! This young guy didn't look homeless; and he actually appeared to be busy at a table once he got back to his table and quit roaming around making stupid puppet-noise.

I did feel like a bitch for bitching at him. But still: What the fuck? Enough with the stupid puppets and talking and what-not! It's a LIBRARY! Git yer books and then SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!

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