Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Organizing

Went nuts on eBay last week, ordering at least 10 items of vintage costume jewelry, plus a vintage jewelry box. (Previously, I'd just kept what few items of "jewelry" I had in an old Chanel perfume box, where they all lay entangled with each other. The only piece of real jewelry I own, a diamond ring in the shape of a snake from my dead aunt, I'd been keeping hooked over the ear of that aunt's small Egyptian "Bestet" cat statue sitting on the shelf by my bed. It was time to get organized!)

Things have started trickling in! Three necklaces, two sets of earrings, plus the jewelry box so far.

One worry that I had while ordering earrings: What if my piercings had grown in over the past 5 years? Sad but true, I couldn't remember the last time I'd worn earrings... In New York from 2007 to 2010, I wasn't going out to swank places, just sight-seeing and looking for work and being depressed around the house, so I just kind of "put on clothes" every day without accessorizing! :) And since NY, 2010 to present, I'd been busy doing nothing, or freelancing from home, or working at an office only sporadically. And being depressed around the house. So, again... no need for earrings! If my ears had grown in, where in the world do people get ears pierced nowadays? I got mine done when I was 17 at a pagoda in a mall in Fort Worth (birthday present from Ginny). That was, um, nearly 30 years ago! I don't think they do piercings in malls any more... Would I have to go to a tattoo/piercing shop just for something as mundane as my ears?!

Long story short: My left ear hadn't closed up; my right ear just had a thin layer at the back that an earring post easily, unpainfully went right through with a quick jab! I's in business! :)

Spent the evening organizing my few bits of costume jewelry in their new box. While wearing one of my new pairs of earrings and tossing them and my hair at myself in the mirror! Then, inspired, started weeding out my closet, putting a few things in a pile for donation, then packing away all of my winter clothes/shoes in containers for storage at the top of my closet so they're not taking up viewing space.

I don't have very many spring/summer clothes at all, but I symbolically wanted to clear out the hanging space. The glaringly not-very-many seasonal clothes an inspiration to GET ME SOME...

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