Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Livin' the high life..."

An apartment complex on my street just hung up a huge banner with Bob Marley's face and the slogan, "Live the high life at [name of apartments]." Now... really... Why on earth would apartment managers want to attract stoners to their complex?? When I think of stoners, I think of people who don't necessarily have steady jobs ( not timely) and who might be prone to listening to loud music at all hours (thus...causing complaints from neighbors). I know this area is being hyped as the new "hip" place to live in Austin, but... seems like management would be more concerned with getting tenants who are quiet and clean and pay rent on time!

In other "Youth News": Today at the supermarket, I asked a young checkout girl where I could find "suntan lotion." The aisle she directed me to was full of regular lotion, but no suntan lotion. I went back and told her that there was no "suntan lotion" there. She looked puzzled, then said, "Oh, you mean SUNSCREEN." Me: "Suntan lotion, sunscreen---It's the SAME THING!" What, does no one use the term "suntan lotion" any more?? OMG.

And, lastly: When I went to a cheap outdoor taco place today on the way home from the grocery store, I asked for my usual Puffy Taco plate. The young register girl said, "Would you like TWO taco plates?" Now was my turn to look puzzled: "No, just one. Why would I want two? Is there a special going on?" Then she looked puzzled at my apparently "bizarre" questions and didn't answer, just gave me my number--14--when I paid. A few minutes later, she leaned out of the walk-up window, placing two bags on the counter and yelling, "Number 15! Number 16!" OK, my 14 comes before 15 and 16, but maybe those other orders were smaller than mine... Who knows. I kept sitting there patiently. One of the bags o' food was picked up by a customer. The other sat there. And sat there. And sat there. As did I. After a few more minutes, I started to get suspicious... I walked to the window and looked in, trying to make eye contact with someone that I could ask about my order. When no one paid attention to me, I called out, "Hello! Hello!" The same girl called back: "Just a MINUTE! I'm with a CUSTOMER!" When she was ready to see me, I told her that I was number 14, but that she'd called out 15 and 16... was my food ready yet? She eyed the one bag sitting there: "That's yours." Me: "Are you sure? You said 15 and 16. I'm 14." Her: "THAT is YOURS." Geez, alright already!

And why did I walk away from that feeling like I had been the annoying, stupid person?! Since when does ONE plate mean TWO plates and "14" mean "15" or "16"??? Damn kids! ;p

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