Friday, April 06, 2012

All Trails Lead to Doris

For the past however-many hours I've been online doing Joan-stuff, with music in the background for the first time in ages. (Usually, I just have the TV on.) Interesting (to me) to trace the music path while I've been working:

Beatles: Let It Be
Beatles: With the Beatles
Simon & Garfunkel: Best of
Ella Fitzgerald: Best of, Diva Series
Peggy Lee: Best of Miss
Doris Day: Cuttin' Capers/Bright & Shiny
Doris Day: Golden Girl (Hits)

At the end of all of this, I didn't like the Fitzgerald CD much: Too much scat, too much jokey-jokey. Sometimes you just want to LISTEN, without irony and/or references. Peggy Lee: A more-skilled relief after the clownish Fitzgerald, but Lee's still way-too-surface. Good singing-actress, but... bland, mildly interesting style-wise, no soul whatsoever. (I think she gets "street-cred" today SOLELY -- let me repeat: SOLELY -- because of "Is That All There Is.")

Doris Day, the "Cuttin' Capers" album: I way perked up, after all these years of not hearing her (and after being numbed by Fitzgerald/Lee as background music tonight)... I was focusing on what I was doing online, but every time these Day songs came on, I stopped what I was doing and paid attention to the music: Let's Take a Walk Around the Block, The Lady's in Love, Steppin' Out With My Baby, Why Don't We Do This More Often... Below is "Steppin' Out." LOVE the shift from sultry to belting and back again. I think Doris gets a bad rap (somehow not "cool," not "truly great") because of her bland face and because of her uber-successful generic-50s film career... Listen to the below. She's a GREAT singer.

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