Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Restocking CDs!

I do plan on getting an iPod in the next 2 months, so I guess my CDs will be obsolete for actual listening purposes, but the thing is: I hear tell that you can download the music you already own on CD to the iPod without having to buy the songs again through iTunes. (I think that's how it works; I'm so behind the times technologically!)

Anyway, let's hope that's how it works, because I've been going nuts on eBay bidding on, mainly, Beatles CDs that I used to own years ago but, in hard times, sold off. I used to have every single CD in the early '90s but that collection had been whittled down 20 years later to only the "Hard Day's Night" soundtrack, the "Help!" soundtrack, and "Rubber Soul."

What I've bought on eBay in the past week (prices include shipping):

With the Beatles ($8.95)
Please Please Me ($12.00)
Revolver ($7.21)
Let It Be ($10.44)
Let It Be: Naked ($8.50 -- the 2003 version remastered and stripped of the Phil Spector orchestration that Paul hated so at the time + 1 disc of various outtakes)
Anthology I ($7.99)

Lot of 3 McCartney solo: I, II, and Band on the Run ($25.00)
Rolling Stones Hot Rocks (2-cd hits; $13.54)


I'm only ticked off by the $12 for "Please Please Me"! Got into a bidding war with a German on that one! Am, overall, aiming to spend only $10 or under (incl s/h) per CD...

Stuff that I know I want/need (and also once owned) but aren't so urgent:

The rest of the Beatles, esp. "Sgt Pepper" and White Album and "Abbey Road."
All 5 of the Doors CDs.
All of Simon & Garfunkel's (5? 6?).
Elvis Costello's "My Aim Is True."
XTC's "Skylarking."
Pink Floyd's "The Wall."
More McCartney: "Ram," "Tug of War," "Flowers in the Dirt." (I already have John's full solo collection.)
George Jones's "Cup of Loneliness" (early hits).
Patsy Cline's 5-cd set.
Elvis's 1950s 5-cd set (I still have the 5-cd '60s set; don't really want/need the '70s set again.)
Doris Day's "Day By Night."

And then... I'll just need a place where I can BLAST all of these again when I feel like it!

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