Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ukulele "Across the Universe"

At a local pizza place last week, my 9-year-old nephew informed me that he was part of his elementary school's Ukulele Choir or Ukulele Ensemble or whatever it is! I couldn't remember then, and I can't remember now. I got chastised in the car for not knowing the difference. It's one of the two. (I can't make a logical guess as to this one: Which makes more sense with "Ukulele"? "Choir" or "Ensemble"??) :)

The whole point was, he was telling me that his Ukulele-la-la had been learning a Beatles song. I was initially mildly dismissive: "What song? 'Yellow Submarine'? I bet it's 'Yellow Submarine'!" Well, it wasn't 'Yellow Submarine' at all! It was, in fact, the much-more-poetic-and non-elementary-school-friendly 'Across the Universe' of all songs!

The lyrics to "Across" are beautiful, but difficult and adult... they're poetry. My nephew started to sing to me across the pizza table: "Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe..." Wow!!! :) I got goosebumps! And he even knew the "j'ai guru deva, om" part at the end!

The ukulele part, I'm still giggling about. But hey: As my nephew explained to me, they're learning chords on the uke, too. He showed me some fret finger-placements and explained which were harder than others to do...

Good vibes, man! :)  It's kind of weird being into a 9-year-old and his thought processes... But then... I don't know of any adults who are THINKING and LEARNING about things...

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