Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Who Likes My Look

Wearing one of my new spring shirts today, wearing earrings for the first time in at least 3 years today. Feeling like a sleek, well-put-together 40-something woman with a good haircut rather than a sad-sack slacker in a black T-shirt and ponytail. In short: Feelin' sassy!

Got on the bus this morning (mornin') to go to work; had a seat, started to stare off into bus-space... My space-staring was interrupted by a woman who had turned full around in her seat to stare at me. When I made eye contact (I'm perversely aggressive like that; I always meet bus people's stares full on just to let them know that they don't intimidate me), she flashed me a very friendly -- and, yes, a "come on" -- kind of smile... I felt a strange jolt because the look was so blatant, but didn't smile back, just met her gaze briefly, then let my eyes wander elsewhere, as if naturally...

She was clearly an aging hooker: bleached white/blonde hair, obviously chopped by herself (or an extremely untalented/drug-addled friend); makeup SMEARED on... think "Baby Jane" -- wildly dark brown eye shadow, wildly misplaced black eyeliner and red lipstick; rotting yellow teeth; misshapen faded black T-shirt and hot-pink polyester shorts...

"How OLD is that woman?" I thought. At first glance she appeared 70-something, but then once I kept examining her when she wasn't looking, I figured out that she was maybe in her early 50s. And then saw that her features themselves were actually very pretty, just gone extremely decrepit with extreme abuse... And why in the world had she been looking at me like that?

I forgot about her after I got off the bus in the morning, but... guess who I saw when I got on the same bus after work this afternoon... Sitting right across from me this time. Looking at me again...

And this time she spoke: I noticed you at your bus-stop this morning.
ME: [nodding; oh dear]
HER: I thought, "Who is that? She looks very fresh."
ME: Thank you. That's nice of you to say.
HER: I thought, "That shirt is nice." It's very bold, very seasonal. I've always liked those three-quarter sleeves, too.
ME: Thank you! [then, unable to stop myself] I just bought it!
HER: It's just right for the season.
ME: I really liked it.
HER: Where you got off this morning, do you work there?
ME: Well, not there, but I work on campus.
HER: What do you do?
ME: Copyediting.
HER: I don't know what that is. What is that?
ME: Proofreading, correcting grammar and spelling, stuff like that.
HER: Make good money?
ME: Yes. But it's just a temp job, so it's over soon.
HER: I used to be a paralegal. That was temp. But the lawyers, you know, are there all the time. They're not temp...

And then the tangent began: Did I see the catalog she was holding (some Dallas Galleria-type thing): She used to have clothes from there, but someone stole them. And then someone stole her "bank money." And now her landlord is spying on her and stealing her clothes and turning her children against her and hitting her leg and did I know Alan Jackson...

Me smiling politely and gritting my teeth; the random (normal) woman next to me, getting off at the stop just before mine, wishing me luck... And when I got off at my stop, I didn't go toward my apartment building but turned in the other direction, despite the rain, marching half a block the wrong way before figuring the bus had gone and it was safe to proceed home...

How TEDIOUS the whole thing turned out to be! I guess I encouraged the Nutty Hooker-Woman by responding to her praise for my "fresh" look! Is that egotistical because I myself was liking that shirt and wanting some affirmation, or was I just being polite? I NEVER don't speak to someone who's spoken to me first, regardless of how haphazard they seem...

A weird liking of my look today! ;p Now, I KNOW that in some instances, there's a "meet-cute" moment when someone attractive and SANE actually spots you on a bus in the morning, thinks you look "fresh" then, and turns out, by accident, to be on the same bus right across the aisle from you that afternoon on the way home... It's kismet and wonderful karma in THAT kind of case! Just every now and then, I'd like something to happen to me that's out of a Lifetime TV movie rather than out of a John Waters movie! :)

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