Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lady of Leisure

Is this pleasant schedule for real?! For the next 4 weeks: 10-3, Tuesday thru Friday. (After 3 months of 40-50 per week; and with 40 per week upcoming for June, July, August. My May Schedule is the PERFECT thing -- just a little bit of a break to "rest up" from unaccustomed full-time employment and in anticipation of 3 more solid months of full-time work.)

Today I rolled out of bed at the leisurely quarter-hour of 8:15am, bussed/strolled on into work, didn't get into any bitchiness with co-workers over their bodily noises (!)... then it was time to go home before I knew it! Bus came right on time; I was home by 3:30 in the afternoon! And after 2 weeks in a row of stifling 95-degree humidity and heat, today was cool -- well, under 80 -- and rainy... If I'd had my red rain-boots on, I would have splashed in puddles while walking to the bus! (As it was, just kept singing under my breath: "The color of the sky as far as I can see is coal gray...")

A couple of other happy psychological things at work today:

The guy I mentioned days earlier who "told on" me for copying a third office mate's loud moaning... Well, he's "friends with" a girl I used to share an office with, one of the two doc-formatting people who only very begrudgingly helped me when I had a hard task on my first days of the job. And that same girl is "office-buddies" with the woman who I THOUGHT would be in charge of my new summer project... NOT SO! I'd been dreading bad vibes from that whole trio and having to overcome them, but as it turns out... The person in charge that I'll be working most closely with is NOT associated with them. In fact, today she and I talked over the project for the first time, and she said how she didn't know the whole process, so would I be patient with her... And I got to say, "Hey, I'm new here, too! We'll work through this together!" She looked visibly relieved, and then confided: "-------- (the girl I used to share an office with) was always very impatient with me and made me feel like I was bothering her." (!!!!!) That's EXACTLY how that person always made ME feel!! I hadn't been crazy! Someone else picked up on the same bad vibe from her! Whew. What a huge lessening of my internal tension about the work environment.

In other "lessening of tension": Today, while looking at one doc that the (nemesis) girl had formatted after I had copyedited weeks ago, I noticed a huge misspelling on one page: "emporer" instead of "emperor"... I was freaked out: "Oh my god! HOW did I miss that??!" I frantically looked through the original e-files to see what had happened... It had been the correct "emperor" when I saw it! Somehow, in the formatting stage, someone took it upon themselves to change the spelling INCORRECTLY... Hmmmmm. Made sure to point out to a couple of people in charge that formatters shouldn't be messing with the text itself since they could screw it up... which I then found out has apparently been an ongoing problem!

So THERE, Mean Girl! ;p This ain't my first time at the rodeo.

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