Monday, May 21, 2012


I've always been depressed when people are rude.

Coming to UT as a freshman in 1983, I felt bad when I smiled and said "hi" to someone in passing and they overtly did not respond in any way. (In 1983 college racial news, a black guy once held the door open as a black girl and I passed through simultaneously; I said "thank you," and he said, "I was holding it open for HER, not YOU." Wow. Today, I might respond with, "What an asshole you are." But at the time, I just winced and felt bad inside.)

For the past 2 years, I've been living in a small apartment complex consisting of one-room apartments, priced high enough to preclude crack-dealers and hookers, but just low enough to be student/hipster friendly, especially since so close to campus (albeit on the EAST side, which most students haven't yet discovered).

Since I moved in in 2010, my pet peeve has been the "gang o' hipsters" who hang out on the stairs and along the tree borders in the parking lot. The pony-tail guy who never wears a shirt and always wears sunglasses while he's letting his pit bull run loose in the parking lot. The fat, surly chick with the heavily-gelled '80s hair who always smokes and wears black. (She and I once waited for a morning bus for a solid week together. I always looked over at her to make eye contact and say "hi"; she never once met my gaze, though we were the only two people waiting at the stop.) The 30-something red-haired hippie-chick with a different guy hanging out in her two outside-the-door chairs every week. The black chick always playing music with her door open and not scooping her dog's poop.

That specific gang of people has been sort of a "posse," visible all around the apartment complex whenever I leave, whenever I come home. I dislike them. I think, in general, constantly shirtless guys in sunglasses with pit bulls running loose are dicks. I think ugly fat chicks in black who pretend to be too superior to me to say hello are dicks. People who play loud music with their apartment door open and who let their dogs poop on the public lawn without scooping are dicks. The red-haired chick does respond when I say "hi" in passing, and does keep her shirt on and doesn't have a pooping dog and isn't blaring music, so she's not a dick. Just annoying 'cause she's always sitting outside! (OK, I guess now I'm just fishing for something to be irritated about!) :)

So today I was pleasantly surprised when I came home from shopping. A young blonde college girl that I hadn't seen before was walking down the apartment stairs as I was about to walk up. I stepped aside to let her pass. And then she stopped and held out her hand: "Hi, I'm Cassie! I just moved in to 204." Whoa! A normal person! "I'm Stephanie, in 207. Welcome!"

What a nice, mannerly surprise! :)

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