Monday, May 14, 2012

It's called "golf."

Over at the brother's for a cookout: Bro, wife, her mother in from Houston, nephews. Plus my/bro's mom.

The best part for me was watching the funny/weirdly amazing "Shaolin Soccer" on cable with the nephews (which they'd been telling me about earlier in the day). Plus an episode of Animal Planet's "River Monsters" with the older 10-year-old nephew.

Not that, in general, I've ever been interested in Hong Kong films from 2001, or searches for "monsters" (Sasquatch, river, or otherwise). But... both turned out to be actually interesting! Both in and of themselves, and also because it was fun to get into/react to what was going on onscreen with the nephews.

I really enjoyed the whole flow of the day: chat, cookout, playing in the backyard (me, upon seeing a big old hole the boys had dug in the yard and a ball kicked into it: "That would be a neat sport to invent -- trying to get a ball into a hole in the ground!" My 10-year-old nephew: "It's called GOLF" -- ha!), Shaolin/River Monsters, eating, soccer/walking at the park, watching "Midnight in Paris" later in the evening with the girls, the little boys and their bedtime rituals (that later included their popping up every 15 minutes to see what was going on with the adults...)

I miss BEING with people. Just lazing around on the couch watching movies and getting into whatever is going on around me. I felt sad when it was time to go home by myself. I'm tired of being by myself all the time. Both Julie and Sandra --- how I mentally spent 2001 through 2010 for the most part --- made me feel as if "alone" and "empty" was all I'd ever be. There's nothing at all worse and more creepy than emotional game-players. (And I don't think THAT game's called "golf.")

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