Saturday, May 05, 2012

Office People

If you're sharing an office with someone, perhaps it's best that you not make RANDOM MOANING NOISES! :) Ya think? Might that not be a "given" of office etiquette??

But wait... this post isn't simply about my irritation at weird sounds coming from a co-worker... There's a slightly more important aftermath.

Backdrop: I share (in my temp job 'til the end of summer) a room with two other people. One's full time (longtime contract), one's half-time (longtime contract). The half-time guy... likes to read random snippets of what he's working on out loud. Loudly. And also has a tendency to...make sounds. Loud moans, to be precise. Now, I myself, working on tedious stuff, do sigh out loud on occasion. But these "moans" weren't just outtakes of air; they were big ol' "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." (!) Numerous times. The first time I heard it, I was just startled. After several times, though, in a short period of time, it started to get irritating.

But here's the thing: How do you politely ask someone to stop..."making weird sounds"??!

What I did at the time was: After about the 5th moan in one morning, I started moaning loudly in return every time he did. I thought I was being funny, and I honestly didn't know what else to do to get the guy to take a hint and shut the fuck up! Turns out, though, the guy had ear-buds in, so had no idea of my response.

Here's the weird aftermath, though: The OTHER guy in the room (the one NOT making noise) apparently took offense to my mocking the moaning guy! And he bitched about ME to someone who then told my boss that I was obviously not happy in my work environment! So I had to have a conversation with my boss today about my "happiness in my work environment"!!

Luckily, my boss is a cool, sane person and laughed it off when I told her about the moaning, her sensibly suggesting that I get ear-phones if things got too loud. Which, sure, I'm happy to do. I WANT MONEY. No trouble through August, just MONEY.

But just on principle: Who's the most problematic one? (1) Me, coming in and doing my work quietly (albeit with irritation when others are loud). (2) The guy inadvertently emitting weird sounds. (3) The bitchy guy gossiping about my mocking of the loud guy to my boss.

I'd say #3 is the cause of most of the problems in every office I've ever worked in. The #2 scenario, the guy inadvertently being loud, is easily fixed between two people. I would never have complained about him being loud to a boss to get him in trouble. My moaning in return was just trying -- however unsuccessfully --  to somehow express my irritation and get him to shut up.

#3 though -- being a bitch and reporting random things that have nothing to do with you to higher-ups -- is, to me, shitty and creepy.

Office life! Get used to it! (unless I get fired before August, that is!) :)

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