Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Monday

On this Memorial Day Monday, sans any invites from family members who live within a mile to invite me to a cookout or something equally "crazy," I decided to -- sigh -- AGAIN go shopping, for wont of anything else to do.

Went to Old Navy, primarily for a cheap replacement for the cheap beige pair of pants that I turned pink when washing with some raspberry-colored shorts over the weekend. (Hey, I picked COLD/COLD.) Didn't find any beige, but did end up with some more black jeans, and a new pair of HOT PINK jeans.

Since the Old Navy was right next door to the Marshall's, I wandered over there... Again, no beige pants, BUT I did find a neat purse! (I don't NEED any new purses, but this was really pretty! I debated. I stood in front of the mirror by the purses for ages, zipping and unzipping, and posing, and posing. I could not decide. And I'm sure I looked suspicious.)

In the end, this one purse looked PERFECT with my new hot pink pants. And how pretty it would also look with the orange pants I bought in April, and with all of my other black pants, and with white pants! It's a GREAT-looking purse! I bought the damn thing for $40. My only caveat: The purse was designed by...JESSICA SIMPSON! Oh my god, I share Jessica Simpson's taste! ;p

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