Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why My Alma Mater Needs Copy Editors

Can you spot the egregious error on the cover?

Dear 2012 Graduates,

The cover of this year's commencement program contained an unfortunate typographical error, which has since been corrected and is in the process of being distributed. The error originated with UT Printing, but we failed to catch it. The mistake was inexcusable, and we are mortified. As soon as we caught the error ­after the programs had been distributed, unfortunately ­we immediately began work on a corrected version that we will send out electronically and in hard copy to all our graduates, with our deepest apologies. We will send three hard-copy versions to each of you so that you can pass those on to your families and friends. Let us know if you need additional copies. No one feels worse about this than I do, so please accept my deepest personal apology.

With best wishes,

Robert Hutchings, Dean
LBJ School of Public Affairs


p.s. The letter of mortification above also needs some copyediting! "Unfortunately we immediately began work..."?? Try: "As soon as we caught the error -- after the programs had been distributed, unfortunately -- we immediately began work..."

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