Monday, June 18, 2012

Dream and Pink Pants

A combination of a Russ Meyer and Frankie-and-Annette film, but all in Technicolor:

4 buxom beach girls, circa 1960, are carrying on a tarp/platform 4 beach-boys, one on each corner. The boys are flexing, the girls smiling back at the camera, which is pointed at them as they make their way toward the ocean.

Then you see a small yacht coming in, heading right toward the group as they continue to parade toward the edge of the water. Close-up of the thin-lipped, grim, blonde middle-aged captain, wearing a stereotypical captain's hat. He keeps staring straight ahead, making no attempt to stop the boat as it heads toward the shore.

Bass drums, bass trombones. Overall big-band excitedly ominous Russ-Meyer music.

The boat shoots ahead, straight into the group and the camera (me), smashing all.


I woke up at this very second, an hour before my alarm was set, feeling EXTREMELY awake and exhilarated for the first time upon waking in MONTHS. Immediately wrote down:

The lines in the sand that she had drawn
were still there once the tide had come and gone.

And then went and put on the pink pants that I bought over a month ago and have never worn. And my new black pointy flats that I was afraid would be uncomfortable. And my jangly black earrings. And grabbed the gaudy black/white/pink/orange/green Jessica Simpson purse never carried 'til now. And I strutted and secretly posed all day.

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