Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In the "What Are You Thinking?" Department

CNN MONEY foodstamp report.

Seriously. Our government -- completely out of money -- is currently ADVERTISING to get MORE people to sign up for food stamps.

The above article is from CNN, not a crazy right-wing blog.

According to the USDA:
At the end of fiscal 2011, the federal government spent $75 billion on food stamps.
At the end of fiscal 2008, the federal government spent $34.6 billion on food stamps.

I don't know my math, but that's OVER a 100% increase in just 3 years.

To be completely fair and accurate, George Bush also had a "recruitment" campaign for new food-stamp recipients, starting in 2004. During his 8 years in office (2000-2008), food-stamp payments from the federal government went up 63%. (Not quite as bad as over 100% in 3 years, but bad.)

Just a personal anecdote: While I was in elementary school, my family---with my father's low enlisted-man-military salary---qualified for free school lunches for me. We didn't take that, because it was EMBARRASSING to know that we even qualified for it, and we certainly didn't want to admit that publicly. Maybe it's time for the "Embarrassment Factor" to be brought back in to the public discourse about getting food stamps. As in, "What kind of loser can't even pay for his/her own food?"

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