Tuesday, June 05, 2012

My Idaho Home vs. Don't Come Home a-Drinkin'

Ever since seeing Altman's "Nashville" (1975), I can't think of Loretta Lynn without also thinking of the satire by Ronee Blakley and the constant "mama and daddy" stuff (and the maxi-dresses and the hair and the deservedly getting shot for being so smarmy):

But, but... they're actually quite different! Loretta LOOKED like that and, yes, she had a couple of too-much "mama and daddy" songs, and often smiled psychotically sweetly during her performances... like THIS ONE:

But Lynn's songs were most often actually emotionally honest and hard-edged and FUNNY, as well as good (also like the song above), despite the put-on smiles and hair when performing for a national TV audience.

Altman missed the soul and humor of country music in favor of the easy making fun. In "Nashville," he got in his digs, and uncovered somewhat the underbelly, but also missed out on both the ecstatic and the intentionally goofy side, which are very much also the true spirit of the place. (Kind of like John Schlesinger's "Day of the Locust" -- also released in '75 -- another brilliant completely one-sided anti-Valentine to a city and industry, this time Los Angeles/the movies.)

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