Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wearing White/Suiting Up

Months ago, I bought a pair of white pants, and two pairs of white shoes to go with. But then didn't have a PURSE to go with, so didn't wear. And then finally bought an expensive leather white purse to go with a couple of weeks ago. And then STILL wouldn't wear, for psychological reasons. For some reason, felt too gaudy or something! WHY IS THAT? I'd wake up for work, and if I didn't feel GREAT, didn't put on the white, just the usual jeans/black/earth-toned. No white, no bright orange or pink pants.

Friday, I finally said "fuck it." I didn't wake up feeling great, but I was just tired of avoiding the white pants. Wore them. My boss said she liked my outfit. The lunch lady said she liked my outfit. There we go. Broken in. I felt light and fluffy all day.


The time for wearing white is gone
we grab our steeds and learn to pray
while spider-sound hovers, blade itching our palm
and we find only steel for reflection.

In other white-wearing news: Wearing white is also a pain in the ass. You can't just sit down outside anywhere, for one thing. And with white shoes, you can't just walk anywhere. And with a white purse, you can't just set it down anywhere. (Also, since the white purse was a nice small leather one, I couldn't just stuff stuff in it: water bottle, etc.) My whole day Friday was spent avoiding surfaces because of my get-up!

Price you pay, though. Same minorly irritated thing I felt when I, months ago, started buying new earrings and necklaces for the first time in years and then was ticked off because it took time in the morning for me to choose which accoutrements to put on! :)

Being out of "The Game" is easy. Choosing to be back in it requires "Suiting Up."

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