Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What to do with extra money?

With a decent income coming in (as "income" is wont to do) for the past few months, and for a couple of months to come (and paying for a few months after 'til the end of the year), I've had extra money floating around and was wondering: What in the world do people do with a whole lot of extra money?

I mean, I'd been clothes-deprived for 5 years or something, so I had a mental (and blog) list of stuff I needed. Which all came to under $1000. And I'd felt music-deprived, so I bought a ton of used CDs to get my music collection back to where it was 6 or 7 years ago. (Maybe $400 on those.)

And I've got money set aside for a new laptop ($1000) and new love-seat ($375) and iPod ($200?).

But that's about it. My $20 Craig's List TV is fine with me. I don't need a car for anything. (Bus takes me straight to my job and the supermarket and the occasional library and mall trip. Though I am considering paying for a monthly subscription to Car2Go, just so I don't have to CARRY those groceries post-bus a half-mile every time!)

I guess the best thing about extra money every month would be paying for a nicer place to live. (I don't mind living in a SMALL place; I just mind living in a LOUD place with obnoxious neighbors. My current $600-a-month one-room apartment is, for the most part, decent, but there are always Outbursts of Loud in the complex. And I just dislike being around Hipsters and Slackers in general. My immediate goal: A garage apartment, sans any neighbors, for about $850.)

While I was pondering all of the above, came across this news article today about a woman who had pilfered $10 million (!) from her employer over 7 years.

58-year-old employee steals $10 million from company over 7 years.

Some of the stuff (below) I thought was actually a GREAT way to spend extra money! I mean, the lady liked food, so she had the special food preparation. She was a Catholic, so she got the special Vatican and Sistine Chapel tours. She liked Broadway shows, so she got the special "Phantom" and "Kevin Spacey" treatment. Sports? Deluxe SuperBowl treatment! Books? Special "Harry Potter" edition!

It was all kind of personally meaningful expenditures, not just random stupid stuff! And her jail time is "only" 78 months. Perhaps the eternal memories of the incredibly fun stuff she got to do with the money might actually be worth the jail time.

"...$32,500 for a luncheon for six people prepared by Food Network star Ina Garten at her barn in East Hampton, NY; $5,000 for "The Vatican Package," which included Mass in Papal Audience with VIP seating, plus airfare for four, VIP tour of the Vatican Museum with a private tour guide, and a private tour of the Sistine Chapel alone with family before it is open to the public; and $2,500 for a Phantom of the $2,500 for a Phantom of the Opera experience, including costume fitting, wig fitting, escorted on-stage during the Hannibal Opera sequence, and four seats for the performance; $10,000 for a Ralph Lauren showroom tour and suit; $52, 500 for six club level tickets to the 2011 Super Bowl in Dallas; $5,600 for autographed first America edition of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with signed book plates by J.K. Rowling, $11,100 dinner with Kevin Spacey after his performance in Richard III...."

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