Friday, June 01, 2012

Luka Magnotta: When Twinks Go Bad

I just watched my first snuff video.

Well, not "technically" snuff: The male murder victim was alive and moving (albeit heavily drugged) at the beginning of the 10-minute clip. And you didn't see him get killed. But he was clearly dead by the time all the mutilation started. And there was a LOT of nasty (and, finally, tediously drawn out) mutilation (to the musical accompaniment of "True Faith" by New Order, which also was featured in the film "American Psycho").

Why I watched: Maybe I was mad because I never could find the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee sex tape online. Or see the "Osama bin-Laden dead" photo. Seriously. I always hear about these things but by the time I look them up, all actual video/photos have been taken down. So this time I WAS going to see something forbidden, dammit.

Once I'd found the clip but before I started it, I was wondering how I would react: Would I get physically sick? Would I be outraged? Angst-ridden? Scarred for life?

How I initially came across this creepy clip was through an (I thought) innocuous small headline on Yahoo's News page today: "Canadian porn star killer's victim identified." Just looking for something to read, I clicked on it.

Lots of weird details followed: The killer's name (after changing it a couple of years ago) is "Luka Rocco Magnotta" --- which, I think, is a really great made-up name. (His real name is "Eric Clinton Newman.") He's a sleazy, ageing (29) gay twink who's done some stripping and escorting in the past (hardly a porn "star" -- just an ageing gay club kid who couldn't even make it as a waiter).

But there's more: It turns out he's invented online a whole persona for himself: porn star, model (with 3 self-created websites featuring photo galleries -- TOTALLY like another ageing twink with equally dead eyes that I know), member of the Russian mafia, victim of both the judicial system and online slander... Oh, and he was interviewed by the "Toronto Sun" a couple of years ago bemoaning the "fact" that since he once dated notorious serial killer Karla Homolka, the media wouldn't leave him alone... (He never dated Homolka.) Wait, there's still more... He's also been posting online in recent years various videos of killing kittens, which led to animal rights groups protesting and reporting him to authorities.

AND... He himself posted this snuff video before MAILING THE BODY PARTS to Canadian officials and then disappearing (he's believed to now be in France).

His murder victim was Lin Jun, a 33-year-old Chinese student who was first reported missing on May 24. An Interpol warrant for Magnotta's arrest was issued May 30. I'm sure there's much more to follow. (Shades of Andrew Cunanan, another twink who went on a killing spree in 1997 and famously murdered Versace before killing himself. All of which I followed avidly on CNN, since I didn't have a computer and online access until 2000.)

How I reacted to seeing the Magnotta mutilation clip: No dramatic running to throw up, just an initial extreme mental nausea and mild physical nausea as the thing went on and on and on for 10 minutes, finally actually becoming mundane, as hard as that is to admit. After a while, the flesh-cutting started to look almost like what you'd see live in the butcher section of any supermarket. And then I, not willingly, found myself thinking, "WHY is it taking so long to cut a chunk out of the buttocks?" Even the little dog at the end lapping at the bloody stumps didn't completely phase me; after all, hadn't I already read about such in "Hollywood Babylon" (actress Marie Prevost's fate)?

Even the New Order song shut off halfway through, so the viewer was just left with silence (aside from a couple of sneezes) while the dull ugliness went on and on...

But I'd vowed that I would be tough and watch it all the way through, just to say that I did. And I did. I've now seen a snuff video.

What I wonder about my own psyche: I knew the links to both the human-mutilation and the kitten-killing. I was willing to go see the human mutilation, but not the kitten-killing. And I'm willing to share the horrible human mutilation link here ("1 Lunatic, 1 Icepick"), but not the links to the killing of the kittens.


e.f. bartlam said...

That's something picked up from modernism.

The idea that human's are just another sentients...equals self loathing.

The individual is capable of judging his own behavior but not capable of controlling it.

Modernity denied the existence of any chance of salvation...of breaking the loop...was gone.

Obviously animals (and babies and toddlers) are seen as innocent...because they aren't aware enough to make moral decisions but, I also think that type of existence is held in higher more precious because of it's ignorance.

I don't subscribe to these ideas but, I feel the influence of them...I too was more reflexively put off by the idea of kittens being killed.

Who knows.

Beth Austin said...

I actually find the fact that we're only a smarter type of mammal kind of comforting --- we're CONNECTED to all other life forms, not on a different, removed, "superior" plane. (And what was the latest scientific news: a TOMATO has a more complicated gene structure than we do?) :)

When I was a kid, I watched and listened to my male dachshund HOWL for 3 days straight while his mate was at the vet after a snake-bite (not dead, though he didn't know that). That dog was GRIEVING.

I've also watched various animals play and tease and pull tricks on each other (cats and squirrels and birds, particularly). Just like humans.

And I talk to trees, for fuck's sake (especially the glamorous ones up north, though I'm learning to be more appreciative of the Mighty Oaks that I've grown up with here in Texas)! And I've sent admiration on to little weeds coming up through cracks in overpasses.

The LIFE FORCE... trying so hard, even in puny form! THAT is what I think "god/good" is. And then some idiotic fucker with completely false delusions of grandeur snuffs it out on a whim. THAT to me is the biggest tragedy and evil.