Friday, July 20, 2012

New Books!

Huzzah! It's always a happy day when all your books have finally arrived from Amazon! The Ted Letters I already read from the library last year, but I definitely wanted it for my own collection; this one I found for only $10 (and the cover price is $45)! The Justinian book I'd once found in the spring for $17 online (it's also around $40 full price), but the store then said they didn't have it after all; I'd been searching for a deal ever since. So now I have 7 books on Justinian/Theodora...and STILL haven't started the damn screenplay I keep talking about writing! I think I definitely have enough background material now! START THE THING, Self!

The one I'm most excited about is "The Therapy Tapes of Anne Sexton"!! Which just came out a few months ago and I hadn't even heard about until just recently. Diane Middlebrook controversially used tape excerpts as background for her '92 bio of Sexton, but this book apparently goes over all of them! Juicy! (I keep peeking at pages, but I need to STOP or else I'm going to spoil it before starting from the beginning!) :)

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Tim Sokolov said...

But when YOU will write something and become published at Amazon? :)