Monday, July 09, 2012

Hearts from Kats and Kosmos

Sometimes The Universe likes to play funny tricks. Like showing me affection, but in kind-of creepy ways. (Like a cat who wants to impress you leaving a dead bird on your porch. Then later eating everything of the carcass but a few feathers and leaving the little bird-heart sitting there as a special gift just for you! You KNOW the cat meant well, and the IDEA of the sacrifice just to show off for you is actually very flattering... But also... EWWWW, Cat! :)

OK, so months ago in March when I got my current good-paying temp job that ends at the end of August, I was also bitching (as I always have to do) about co-workers irritating me: The extremely loud, bitchy graffics woman who wouldn't help me with something I didn't know how to do my first couple of days; the loudly snorting/moaning grad student who wouldn't shut the fuck up in our close space; and then the crappy German guy who TATTLED on me to a boss for mocking the moaning guy's moaning! Jesus! I KNEW that I had to be mature and put up with these people, and just put in my time 'til the end of August and gather in the money... But STILL, I was irritated and wondering if I could, indeed, put up with obnoxiousness through the summer.

Thanks, though, to The Universe for some weird cat-like bestowals. First, the obnoxious woman's youngish (30s) sister died tragically a few weeks ago. I never found out if it was a car wreck or a murder (didn't ask, didn't honestly care), but the result was that the obnoxious co-worker went back home to Houston to live with her family. Gone. Her leaving left an open desk in another office, where the bosses then put the full-time (tattle-tale) German guy. Gone. That left the one loud, snorting, moaning graduate student. Yesterday, the powers-that-be shuffled him off to an upstairs graduate office to make room for more copy editors for all the projects coming in right now.

THANKS, UNIVERSE, for, in a weird cat-magic sort of way, making my next 7 or 8 weeks much more personally pleasant. (I mean, sorry in general and conceptually for things like a dead sister and a dead bird and all, but... still weirdly grateful for the added pleasantness in my own tiny little work-world for the next few weeks. As bereft as I've been for the past few YEARS, I'm certainly not gonna mock any cat-spirit leaving a little bird-heart on my doorstep in lieu of anything "better." Thank you for what you were able to offer.)

(p.s. The hand in the photo isn't mine, just the one photo I could find on the Internet with a bird-heart that looked pretty much like the one my cat Gracie left me back when I met her in 1999.)

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