Sunday, August 05, 2012

Permission to Enter

(from "Permission to Enter" by Zadie Smith, in the 7/30/12 New Yorker)

"...but still she didn't approach Frank, nor did he approach her, despite their keen awareness of each other. A poetic way of putting this would be to say, 'There was an inevitability about the road toward each other which encouraged meandering along the route.'"

And from my head, all day Sunday, after seeing "Unfaithful" (Diane Lane getting dressed for meeting her soon-to-be lover):

At the start of our affair
her finger traced an outline
where a heart had been...

I like this terribly sad/yet profound testament-to-the-power-of-true-love movie a lot, and the above lines really have nothing to do with it (other than feeling Lane's anticipation while choosing a bra). And I couldn't get any more of the poem to come after that. Argggggh.

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