Monday, August 06, 2012

Accident of Hope

FROM "An Accident of Hope: The Therapy Tapes of Anne Sexton":

When she asked him why he loved her, Kayo told her that he loved her because she was like 'a many-sided diamond, though rough.'

SEXTON: ...And I liked that. He didn't have to put it so poetically, but it said a lot.
MARTIN ORNE (Sexton's psychiatrist): For somebody who's got no soul, it's a remarkable statement.

A p.s. to the author of "Accident of Hope," Dawn Skorczewski: It's more than a little odd to pose next to the grave of Anne Sexton wearing skimpy shorts and a big "I'm trying to look attractive" smile for your author photo. (Why not just light up a joint and wave it around for the camera while you're at it?) Where's your respect for both Anne Sexton and her grave?

Addendum a day later: I was about to add above: "You're not 17, and this ain't Jim Morrison at the Pere Lachaise!" But then got to thinking: Anne Sexton really was kind of Dionysian, a la Morrison. Albeit in a different context. A context -- upper-middle-class housewife and mother -- that she obviously didn't feel, soul-wise, at home being in and did everything in her power to subvert every chance she got, because she never had the opportunity to escape it, until middle-aged and too late -- only then discovering that the "freedom" wasn't at all as good as promised. (When you're young, all the scrabbling around is fun and interesting; by your 40s, it's merely nonsensical.)

In short to author Skorczewski...sorry for being so judgmental! :)

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