Thursday, August 23, 2012

Evolution of a One-Room Apartment (2010-12)

RE the last one: I've got the majority of my CDs back now!! :) While in the future, I'll be transferring all to an iPod, I still want all of them THERE. Like all the books that have mattered to me. I'm sure that one day I'll have them all on Kindle, but I also want their physical presence in my living space!

RE the second and third ones: While the "leaning tower o' books" actually looked kind of conceptual and cool (according to random visitors like 7-year-olds and their fathers!), I HATED its utter dyfunctionality! Particle-board from Target. And I wouldn't even MIND particle-board if it would stand UP straight and firm! I've bought 3 of these cheap bookshelves in my lifetime, and never had a problem with the first 2, but the 3rd...made my life miserable just looking at it! I've been afraid to touch any book on any shelf for fear of some big-time, loud tumblage in the middle of the night. And so it was with GREAT PLEASURE that I threw that thing out by the apartment dumpster a couple of days ago, in anticipation of the NEW, STURDY bookshelf!!! Look at how pretty!!!!!!

The new bookshelf, and the new chair, are courtesy of birthday money from my mom and b'day/last Christmas money and labor from my brother. For the past couple of holidays and birthdays of mine, I've told him that all I wanted was a cheap used chair and/or bookshelf from some vintage shop around town. A chair that wasn't made of foam, and a bookshelf that wasn't flimsy. As two years have rolled by, with no chair/shelf despite a couple of desultory shopping trips with no bargains/good stuff evident (and since when is a brother/sister shopping trip ever that productive?), we FINALLY last weekend came upon a GREAT place on Burnet Road in Austin... "It's New to Me."

After looking at a bunch of used/new bookshelves at various places around town for $80 to $200, found mine in the picture at "It's New to Me" for only $55!! (My brother bargained down from $65.) And that chair, same thing at the same place: The only "vintage" chairs we'd found elsewhere around town for under $100 were extremely crappy and rickety and missing things (like good upholstery and springs!).

This huge, comfortable, nice-looking chair was only $95! When I saw the "Crate and Barrel" label, I immediately remembered how Rachel in "Friends" was mocked for liking "Crate and Barrel" in one episode... I have no experience with Yuppie shopping, and I, by inclination, certainly don't want anything that a 1990s Yuppie would like... But I still really liked that chair! It was the most comfortable chair I'd ever sat in. (Unlike the $100 vintage '50s chair my bro and I had seen earlier in the day, with tattered upholstery and hard springs and rickety legs; kind of like the vintage red-velvet furniture I'd bought back in the early 2000s, before moving to NYC: It all looked cool, but I rarely sat on it because it wasn't comfortable.)

I debated and debated about the $95... and I didn't/don't like beige. But it was a big, sleek-looking, AND comfortable chair...and I SO didn't just want to continue to come home and lie down on my bed or get on my computer any more just because all there was to sit on was a crappy green foam-thing salvaged from my mother's old house. It would be nice to come home and to be able to SIT in a CHAIR in the LIVING ROOM (as opposed to lying on the bed or docking at the computer table)! My brother didn't help all that much --- "Crate and Barrel? That's like a Target chair. But if you want it, go on."

I bought it because I liked it/needed it, despite all outer TV/bro influences. And then went home and looked up "Crate and Barrel" online: Their living-room chairs start at $800! :) I liked the chair, I snatched a used version for $95, and now it looks and feels fantastic in my one room of an apartment! :)

May I never see that green-foam-uncomfortable-thing-called-a-chair-that-I-couldn't- sit-on-and-had-been-using-to-lay-bills-and-handbags-on again!

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