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Odd side-note to Kayo Sexton's 2nd wife's family

I REALLY am bored at work! Witness the below info that I came upon while searching (for want of anything better at all to do) for "Peggyann Totten," Kayo Sexton's second wife.

One thing from the May 2012 Kayo Sexton obit that I posted days ago that stood out to me was at the end: "...Donations may be made to ... Families for Depression Awareness in Waltham..." I just automatically assumed that this organization was touted by daughter Linda Gray Sexton, in recognition of what her mother Anne Sexton's mental illness had put their family through years earlier. Not so! It has nothing to do with Anne Sexton, but rather with Peggyann Totten's son Mark, who killed himself in 1990. After his suicide, his sister Julie Totten founded the Families for Depression Awareness organization.

So Kayo Sexton had to deal with the very same horrific issue TWICE in his life... A subduing thought. (Life just keeps comin' atcha, doesn't it, though?) Somehow I'd bizarrely assumed that his second wife was care-free and simple, an antidote to his years with Anne Sexton. But every union has its own unique set of griefs and trials.

Below is a 1990 article re son Mark Totten's suicide:


Subject: Sidha Suicide (TM-EX Newsletter, Albert Miller)
X-Index: 0003

From: TM-EX Newsletter, Fall 1990


I'd known Mark Totten for years. He had no medical problems. Likeable
and unassuming, my friend had cut his roots to his New England home
and heritage some years ago. He had reached for the Maharishi's exotic
offering; gave his money, mind and speech for Yogi's game of

``He must have found something here,'' Norman Totten said, bewildered
in the M.I.U. chapel, after having to ask for the time to speak at
his son's memorial service on Friday, November 30. He knew of nothing
that was wrong with his son. Mark's sister added she didn't know why her brother killed himself.

Without his roots to sustain him on the Maharishi's nebulous and
distracting meditation path, Mark suddenly exchanged it all for the
certainty of a 200-ton locomotive: Four blocks from the M.I.U. campus
he placed himself in the path of the early morning coal train at the
North Main Street crossing.

The Maharishi's, ``self-referral dynamics of consciousness, laws of
nature, perfect health and freedom,'' the hyped benefits which Mark
had paid for with more than money, were not realized. Something else
was realized that morning, something alien to his New England
mind. (Albert Miller eulogy)


Mark Totten

Mark Alan Totten, 27, a resident of Building 123 B, Maharishi
International University, Fairfield, Iowa, was killed early November
29, 1990 after apparently placing himself in the path of an oncoming
Burlington Northern train near the Fairfield depot.

The railroad crew reported hitting a body on the tracks at 2:12 a.m.
Totten originally was from the Boston area. He was the son of Norman
Totten of Newton, MA, and Peggyann Sekton [sic] of Weston, MA.


p.s. I also found online that Peggyann Totten owns a 3-family rental home in Boston.
Thanks, Internet.

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