Monday, August 27, 2012

"Show some initiative."

Seriously. A sad-sack long-term university employee who fears the sun while standing at a cross-walk dares to tell me, "Show some initiative" because when a package arrived in the office on my first day at a temp gig, I gestured at the mail-guy to give it to HER. (What the hell did I know about a package arriving at this new place?) I don't mind being a temp receptionist, but don't you idiots DARE tell me to "show some initiative."

I love that definition of "initiative."

As the afternoon wore on, I'd read the guidebook 10 times, I'd read the website 10 times... At about 3pm, I finally told the woman: "Is there ANYTHING I can be doing right now? I can't read the website or the guide-book any more!" She told me to sit and watch the door for packages to arrive. I sat and watched the door for packages to arrive. And earned my $12 per hour.

Funnily, during my temp time today, I was responsible for stapling together candidates' intro letters to their resumes for this very job... a job that pays $2000 a month! There were dozens of letters applying for this crappy job. Some letters running on for 2 pages; some resumes (crazily) running on for 6 pages; some people applying from as far away as California and Iowa... for a $2000-a-month job!

Is America THAT bad off, where people are THAT desperate for $2000 a month? For some reason, I myself have been slummed down into this category... I fucking REJECT this with my whole heart and soul, simply because I've worked way beyond this rudimentary level where a long-term state-flunky can even EVER criticize MY work ethic! Jesus Christ, I'm pitiful for being in this economic situation.

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