Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So much for learning humbleness!

I just re-read my last entry... Looks like my last years of struggling haven't taught me much gratitude or humbleness, that's for sure! Sigh. But hey, at least I'm not storming off any job in a huff any more, like I used to in the Golden Days o' Full Employment! And, as usually happens, this temp office job is getting more tolerable as I learn more: I did the damn packages correctly today!

Though there was another little run-in with the same woman about which folders to file things in: I got a stack of related stuff from the big boss lady, who then walked out of the office. So I checked with my co-worker:

ME: Are these all filed in the "Monthly" folders that I worked with yesterday?
CO-WORKER: What do the pages say at the top?
ME: "Room Schedules."
CO-WORKER: Then [implied "duh"], put them in the folder labeled "Room Schedules"!
ME: [finding a folder with that EXACT title: "Room Schedules."] Just to make sure: This is the right one?
CO-WORKER: No, that's NOT the right one! Don't you remember the "Monthly" folders that you worked with yesterday? THAT's where they go!
ME: But you just said NOT to use those! You said to use the "Room Schedules" folder!
CO-WORKER: I did NOT say that!

I thought I was about to go mad!!!! God, I'm grateful for the work, any work, but do I REALLY have to deal with these types of petty people STILL??! Waaaaaaaaah.

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