Thursday, August 02, 2012


Oh yes, yes indeedy. Yesterday at work, things got so monotonous that I started to toggle around on the 'Net instead of working. I mean, I'd work for 20 minutes, then get bored, then surf for a bit, then work a little, then surf...Then I ventured on to Amazon, where I decided that I simply MUST have EVERY SINGLE KISS ALBUM that I used to own, plus ALL of the ones that I didn't, from their debut in '74 through 1979's "Dynasty" (that album, to me, is when KISS ended; I don't care about anything afterwards). So I bought 11 CDs!

Great. So now I'm going to own more KISS albums than Beatles albums. :( Still, it was exciting and fun getting EVERY ONE OF THEM! :) I used to really loooooove these records and was at one time even a member of the KISS Army! My junior high friends and I used to pore over the darker albums like "Hotter Than Hell," seeking "clues to existence" like I imagine kids in the late '60s did with The White Album. (Which I, too, was poring over even in 1983, even playing the thing backward, as I'd heard you were supposed to do!) Aside from KISS's fun, anthemic rock songs like "Shout It Out Loud" and, of course, "Rock-n-Roll All Night," they, to me at age 12 to 14, were the epitome of darkness and mystery and sexuality. (p.s. In the photo, that's me as Paul Stanley. Wearing a Gene solo album T-shirt. With the star on the wrong eye. But, hey, at least we'd finally figured out that greasepaint from Spencer's at the mall worked better than toothpaste, Johnson's baby powder, and black magic marker!!)

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