Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hemingway often used cute names for things and "wimminys" ("women") is one of them! :) I was thinking a lot about wimminys today.

First was a wimminy (OK, I'll stop with that now!) on the elevator that I couldn't stop staring at for 5 floors. Dyed jet black hair in a circa '60 updo, full makeup, 40-ish, REALLY good-looking. Except she was in a building maintenance/housekeeping uniform: schlumpy work-shirt with name-tag, Dickie pants, black work-boots. The outfit was such a huge turn-off for me, and completely overrode how gorgeous her face and hair were. All I could think of was, "Good lord, what happened?! You shouldn't be cleaning up things!"

Another woman I've been noticing all week while going to my new temp job is a 30-something Sylvia-Plath-looking chick who's on my new bus route every morning and afternoon. Like Plath 1956. Interesting clothes of that vintage. Dark red lipstick. BOBBY PINS in her hair! And always dark sunglasses in the afternoon (but not morning), as if the day behind had pained her too much to look at the world directly! And she'll occasionally bring a hand to her forehead and look agonized. I'm not kidding! She lives in a neighborhood near mine, and I'm DYING to see where she lives and who she lives with! (Probably with some schlubby slacker guy, as most women in Austin seem to live with, but I keep hoping it's a Ted Hughes-lookalike, just to see how far she's taken the whole thing!) :) I was kind of disappointed one morning earlier in the week when the bus got to her stop too early and she was RUNNING to catch it and got on all flustered and a bit disheveled. She had such a cool PERSONA going on until then! :)

(FRIDAY ADDENDUM TO ABOVE THURSDAY POST: A dark, semi-handsome, hairy guy was coming on to my Plath-woman at the bus-stop/on the bus this afternoon! I couldn't stop looking at their interactions and, since I couldn't hear a word, couldn't figure anything out! Did they know each other beforehand? She seemed very animated at his attention! He got off at the stop just before hers and headed for the motel off the I-35 access road; as he exited, she called out "Good luck!" So I guess they did NOT know each other... Another thing I noticed today: She has slash-scars on the inside of her left elbow. No, I'm not making that up!)

And finally, today I was reading through old New Yorkers at work and came across the above-left photo that made me oddly YEARN... What the hell? I didn't recognize the woman, but it turned out to be Fiona Apple (whom I've never found particularly attractive before). The unusual shot of her reminded me for some reason of Sandra, the cheekbones. Sigh. And speaking of "cheekbones" and "Sandra-looking": Here's another of Julie Newmar and her Egyptian bestet cat. Meow! I've usually made fun of guys who kept dating/marrying women who looked very alike... I'm just as bad with the this-type-of-looks fetish! Throw in Joan Crawford and Anne Sexton (and Elvis), and you see the definite trend! I actually HATE that! Being aware that some things are just "determinism" rather than "free will"...


p.s. Speaking of having a type: My mom once let slip that she found actor Ed Harris attractive! Ed Harris! :) As it turns out, my father is EXACTLY that same type: blonde and bland/handsome. And then after the divorce, my mom dated a man off-and-on for 30 years (!) who also happens to fall into that looks-category. 15 or so years ago, my mom was packing to visit her sister in Germany and had a small photo album in her suitcase with photos of us kids, etc. I snuck a photo of the decades-long "boyfriend" into the album. When she got home weeks later, my mom was mad but laughing: Her sister had thought that the photo was of my father! :)

One of the oddest types (to me): Years ago, there was a guy in my writers' group who had a get-together at his house. In his BATHROOM, he had at least 6 or 7 framed pictures of... JODIE FOSTER and HELEN HUNT!!! Now THAT is just weird! :)

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