Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wow. How flat was Romney tonight.

Though leaning Obama, I still wanted to be moved by Romney, simply because our country is in the economic pits right now and I wanted Romney to express his knowledge of that and his anger about that, and his desire and ability to FIX that...

Instead, Romney was Romney. No poetry at all about the condition of the country that we must somehow slog our way out of. It was a horrible speech, all about mundane things like, "I really do support women" and "Gas prices are too high" and "We need to support Israel." (We need to support Israel? THAT is an important issue right now?)

What an idiot. (And, as a side-note, I was also looking forward to Clint Eastwood's intro speech... Some "kick-ass" libertarianism to get the mild-mannered Republican regulars jazzed up... Instead, the man was nearly completely senile. What, did no one suggest that Eastwood WRITE a speech beforehand instead of rambling on ridiculously?)

What the hell just happened? The Republicans just lost the election I think is what just happened.

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