Thursday, September 20, 2012


Tomorrow is my last day at the temp job that I've absolutely despised for the past 4 weeks. They STILL haven't hired anybody to start on the following Monday after I'm gone. During my month there, there were 6 people I set up for phone interviews, but only 2 people who actually came in to interview, both young women in their early/mid 20s: One fat and jolly. One prissy and composed, but trying too hard to be friendly. I wish I could have whispered to them both on their way out of the interview: "They'll try to make you feel like shit for no reason. If you LIKE that sort of thing, and if you LIKE completely shutting down your real personality while at work, and if you LIKE humorless co-workers, and if you LIKE Bible verses (Psalms 23:4) posted in the break-room (!)...then this is the place for you."

They should pick the "fat and jolly," I suppose. (The "prissy," self-centered one couldn't handle the demeaning shit after a few weeks. Like maybe the last full-time receptionist before me who quit after only 3 months.)

I leave this place tomorrow with one final anecdote to share here: Folders. Labels to be stuck on the tabs of folders. Simple, huh? Ya'd think so. But no... Yesterday, I sat there for minutes listening to an intricate explanation of putting labels on tabs. I didn't know what the fuck the woman was talking about, despite the ultimate simplicity of the task, because she kept going on and on about...? Finally, I must have had a LOOK on my face, because she asked me, condescendingly, "Do you not GET what I'm telling you to do here?"

"No, missus, I's too stoopid to figger out how to put labels on da foldahs! Please help dis simple gal!"

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