Tuesday, September 04, 2012


The UT football season opened this past Saturday. And I signed up to work the games, like last year at the end of the season, just to get the easy $80 per game spending/bill money that comes with standing there at the suite exits, preventing the rich folk from attempting to "escape" with their booze.

As per last year, the energy at the games is GREAT, plus I like looking at the women's "game-attending" fashions and at the overall personal dynamic between all of the millionaires who have suites.

A weird thing, though: A blond/Germanic/straight-arrow-type of guy that I met last year working the games has apparently taken a liking to me. So he insisted Saturday that we go on break together. (Sigh. I've always kind of liked wandering around by myself on my game-breaks, grabbing a quick bite, taking a breather and getting to watch some of the game, which I can't do when I'm inside guarding the exit doors!)

"Sure," I said. As we went outside and made our way up the ramp to the concession stands, I mentioned how tired I was from standing up for so long. To which he responded: "I'll carry you up! No really. Let me carry you!"

"How romantic," I said dryly, while thinking, "Ewwww!" :)

I made it up the ramp by myself, needless to say. And when we ordered our burgers, I got a mini-lecture when I put condiments on mine. He liked his plain, so he could taste the meat. Why would I put all that "stuff" on my burger?

And then I got to hear how he delivered phone-books in Wyoming this past summer...but people in Wyoming smoke way too much--disgusting habit, smoking.

"Um, I smoke."

It was HILARIOUS how silent he got after that! :) The little gleam in his eye snuffed out... LIKE A CIGARETTE BUTT beneath my (non-existent) stiletto! :)

I've always had that problem, since I was a teen: Straight-laced guys assuming from my blonde good-girl looks and surface giddiness that I was the PERFECT accompaniment to their hard gray values. For instance, I dated a Mormon guy from California in my Senior year of high school who was shocked, just SHOCKED, when I told him that I'd never done drugs at that time, but fully intended to try pot when I got to college! (Which I certainly did!) :)

Even once I was in my '20s and '30s and going out to gay bars, I've had at least 3 women coming up to me and saying some version, after JUST meeting me, of: "I HATE drugs. I KNOW that YOU would never do drugs!" Where in the world would they get that assumption? Because I was blonde and wholesome-looking?

Today, at 47, I just drink beer and smoke Marlboros. And I'd still experiment with drugs for the fun of it on a Saturday night (aka "recreational use") with someone I felt close to and safe with, though I haven't done anything illicit since 2003. It's a real turn-off for ME to hear someone out-of-hand dismiss people who smoke, drink, do the occasional drug...and--gasp!--put condiments on their burger! ;p

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