Friday, September 14, 2012

Bomb-"scare" aftermath

Now that the weather's turned gray and breezy (80-ish instead of 100-ish), the "hipsters" in my apartment building have again emerged and started to cluster together outdoors. The red-haired 30-ish woman, hostess to so many gatherings of 3-5 in chairs outside her apartment hadn't been seen since June, but she's back now! (What a wimp! I guess I'm never fully sensitive to redheads and their aversion to the heat; I was just grateful that this chick had taken her party indoors. No longer, though!)

Redhead's "gathering" yesterday, though, completely blocked the stairs at 6-ish as I came home from work. "Comin' through, guys! 'Scuse me!" I chirped as I tried to negotiate between the bodies and the boxer-dog blocking the stairs.

I sincerely don't want to have to be "personable" when I come home from work.

One of the guys at the stairs "meet-up" was the guy with the boxer-dog, whom I've seen outdoors at the complex "hanging out" for over a year now. Usually unnecessarily shirtless, usually unnecessarily wearing sunglasses, usually with his hair unnecessarily in a pony-tail, etc. I'd assumed he was just some unemployed dick trying to pick up girls.

Today, though, after the campus bomb scare, I was taking out the trash and he said "Hey" to me. I said "Hey" back, and threw out that I had just been "evacuated." Him, too! Turns out that, instead of being a hipster slacker/fuck, he's actually a student enrolled in chemical engineering classes! I RESPECT students in chemical engineering classes! :) I worked temp for 6 weeks last Feb in the Math/Physics/Astronomy department on campus, and kids in real majors like this that involve intellect are actually regular, non-fakey kids interested in THINKING and "such." (As opposed to kids enrolled, say, in "Communications" classes.)

I was also happy to hear that he thought that I might be a "Professor" on campus! Ha! :) "No, just temp stuff," I told him. But still: It was nice to be asked.

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