Sunday, September 16, 2012


I came to a mental compromise re my current temp gig that I've been more and more unhappy with as the weeks have passed (to the point of having knots in my stomach before going to work, wondering what I was going to get chastised for doing "wrong" that day).

5 or 6 years ago, I might have told them to fuck off and walked out without any notice. My last 2 years of so little money, though, have put the fear into me: DON'T TURN DOWN ANY JOB!

However... For my own self-respect and peace of mind, I simply CANNOT be talked to like I've been talked to at this place any more.

My compromise when I got up this morning: I wrote an e-mail to the temp agency and said that I would have to make this coming Friday the 21st the last day on this particular job. For one reason only: The rudeness of the two women I've been working with. I apologized for the inconvenience I might cause the agency, but also pointed out that Friday will be the end of the 4th week I've worked at this place; initially, the assignment was for "1-2 weeks." So I've already put in an extended amount of time at a place that was becoming increasingly uncomfortable for me. I mentioned to the agency that I'd not been unhappy with any other places they'd sent me to over the past year, but that this current place was an unreasonably tense environment to work in. And I said that I was available for any other assignment on Monday, the 24th.

There. I did NOT immaturely storm off and burn any bridges. I salvaged some self-respect. This coming week WON'T be tense because I'll know that Friday is the absolute end of the torture. There's always the risk that the agency will think I'm a crybaby of some sort, but I do have a long track-record with them now, and they know that in other offices, I've not been a whiner. (Plus there's the fact that I've already worked EXTRA weeks at this place, and am giving them all of next week to finally hire someone, which they should have done weeks ago.)

Whew. What an incredible relief writing that e-mail was. I'm free of the shit! There will, of course, be future shit, but...for the moment (well, as of next Friday at 5pm) I'm FREE! With $10,000 in the bank to go be temporarily free with.

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