Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Get me the fuck out of here!

Either my temp job is ending this Friday, or next Friday. It's week-to-week, they never tell me. Get me the fuck out of here THIS Friday, I hope!

Today, I didn't yell "I'm back" loud enough after my return from the mail run. So my boss started calling out "Hello? Hello??" I didn't answer because I thought she was saying "Hello?" to her phone, and because I thought she'd heard my "I'm back" when I came back. But no. So I got a speech about "always announcing my presence" because I could be a "stalker." But I HAD announced my presence upon my return! The whole thing became utterly ridiculous. I finally just said, "My apologies." Which shut her the fuck up.

Also today, I didn't have a full grasp of either "Excel" or "FileMaker Pro"! OMG! The dilemma: Can't ASK for directions, 'cause I'll get shit for asking for directions.

Ya know... For the past 10 years of my life, I haven't had to deal with trivial office/secretary shit like "Excel" or "FileMaker Pro." I'm quite happy to enter data with a smile on my temp-secretary face... but don't expect me to be an expert on this stuff. 'Kay?

I was also remiss today for asking my boss about a caterer who wanted to pick up dishes from an earlier meeting. My "horrible mistake" was asking the boss if the room was unlocked and if the caterer could get in. DUH! Didn't I remember what room it was? (Not the issue: Rooms are locked all over this place; would the caterer have access was what the caterer called me and asked and what I needed an answer to! Simple answer required, that's all.)

Good lord. Am I really having to deal with this wide variety of dumb-ass low-level psychological bullshit that makes me feel bad for NO REASON, even while I'm trying to solve the problems logically? I HATE being around STUPID OFFICE PEOPLE.

The answers to the most popular questions:

Yes, I do think that I'm better than you.

Yes, I am calling you a liar.

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