Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Little Wishes

I've been doing pretty well with LITTLE wishes since Spring: Every bit of Spring/Summer clothing on my wish-list, some trinket-jewelry from eBay, some books from Amazon/eBay, my CD collection back in shape. All the while, despite all of the spending, STILL having nearly $10,000 in my bank account after 7 months of full employment! So any time I'm ready to buy the new computer I need, I can do so!

And THINGS aside, I wished back in early summer for the annoying people sharing one office with me to go away: All three of them did! And last week, I was getting annoyed with the insane person that I was to be working with temporarily for a couple of weeks...and then she went on vacation for a week, leaving me blissfully, uncritically alone!

All very excellent, Universe! Thank you! :)

So now let me start out the new Fall season with more things that I'm shallowly wishing for:

CLOTHES: 3 pairs of shoes. 2 lighter jackets (1 expensive leather, 1 earth-toned), 2 blazers (black and earth-toned), 4 pairs of pants (black, gray wool, black-red houndstooth, khaki).

WORK: More work, please. And here is my humble (ha!) dream: Finish out September doing whatever temp stuff to keep my coffer above $10,000. THEN: Take ALL of October off to (1) Write the friggin' Theodora screenplay I've been yakking here about for years (I've been CRAVING, after 7 months of office work, being able to get up at 10am after sleeping with the windows open with temperatures in the '60s and then packing up Theodora books and spiral notebooks to go camp out at the city library 4 days a week and seriously do my own stuff); and (2) Travel to the Boston area in late October! Bed-and-breakfast. Leaves. Crisp air. Gravesites. Plath/Sexton homes and environment. YES!

Oh, and then I would like on November 1, please, a full-time high-paying job awaiting me upon my return from my completely invigorating October sabbatical.

And then, at the end of November, when it's time to give notice if I'm moving out of my one-room apartment: I'd like to be able to give notice that I'm moving out of my one-room apartment because of my wonderful job that will enable me to pay for a garage apartment with no adjoining walls (or at least a duplex with only 1 adjoining wall). Not only because I don't want to hear my neighbors' comings and goings, but because I don't want them to hear ME: I want to be able to play all of my music LOUD again!

OK, God?! How does all of that sound? :0

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