Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Yawning Man

I woke up on my First Day o' Freedom relatively early, around 8:45am, and was all set to jump up and shower and go get a pedi (always a representative to me of a fresh start) and a good new pair of basic beige pants (always a representative to me of stability and preparedness). But I'd gone to sleep the night before with TCM on, and when I woke up today, 1958's "Tom Thumb" was on. I'd never seen the whole thing in childhood, just bits and pieces, and while lazing about thinking about what all I was going to do today, I got caught up in the mild cleverness. The first scene I saw was Russ Tamblyn's dance with all the toys. (I hadn't remembered that it was Russ Tamblyn, thought it might be Danny Kaye, but couldn't tell 'til later, cause Tom Thumb was so...tiny on the screen!)

Then came another mildly cute scene in the woods with the simple flute-player (just promoted to second woodwind in the king's band) who wanted to marry a fairy princess, but couldn't 'cause he was mortal; she was hinting around that there was only one thing he had to do to make her mortal, too, so they could marry. She meant KISSING her, but he asked, "What? Get promoted to FIRST woodwind?" After which she made herself invisible out of irritation. And then Peter Sellers turned up as part of an evil duo trying to kidnap Tom, and by that time, I was hooked on all the goings-on and so stayed lying in bed to watch.

One thing I kept thinking was that my two nephews, ages 7 and 10, might enjoy as much as I was. They're both clever and odd, and there was some clever and odd stuff going on in this movie. While they're used to seeing the latest action stuff for kids at the theater, and some pretty generic (from what I've watched with them) stuff on TV, "Tom Thumb" seemed like the kind of thing that might also catch their attention, despite its olden-style. (Plus, back on my birthday, while my brother, mom, and youngest nephew were in the dining room playing a board game, my sister-in-law, me, and the older nephew were all in the living room, engrossed in "Lolita"! It's not really a movie for a 10-year-old, despite its comic aspects, but he was watching intently, most especially whenever Peter Sellers came on the screen! Which made me think: "This kid needs to be watching some REAL movies instead of the stuff they're churning out today for 'the kid market'...")

OK, so once I got into "Tom Thumb," I was STILL planning on showering and being up and about afterwards. Until THIS nutty thing came on!

First of all, it completely cracked me up how LOUDLY he began his song! (Yawning Man, you're supposed to be inducing sleep!) :) After that completely inappropriately loud "IIIIIIIIIIIIII'M the Yawning Man...." (and the horribly catchy "uhh-uhh-uhh-uhh" chorus) though, I really did start to yawn uncontrollably while watching him! It was bizarre! And then I just snuggled down under the covers to watch the remainder of the movie, after which... I fell asleep again until 12:45pm. Stayed awake for a couple of hours watching Kardashian and "Pawn Stars" re-runs. Slept yet AGAIN 'til 7pm-ish. OK, whole day shot to hell. THANKS, YAWNING MAN!

And what's even more bizarre: I finally got out of bed at 10pm and got online, finally feeling awake... Until I looked this Yawning Man bit up on YouTube and watched it before posting here... Now I'm yawning and sleepy again! :)

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