Sunday, October 07, 2012

Easy Money?

Working the suites at Saturday's UT game really stretched my patience for EVER doing that work again, although it's only a few times per football season. Not because of the rich people in the suites, not even because of the high-school-principal-like boss-lady who always makes me tuck in my shirt-tail. Instead, it's the "working poor" co-workers. One guy I'm always stationed around is super nice. But he's also super STUPID. Which is fine, unless YOU HAVE TO MAKE CONVERSATION WITH A STUPID PERSON FOR HOURS ON END. (Seriously. Just try it sometime.) Two-thirds of the way through the day, I thought I was going to scream out loud just before going insane.

I don't ever want to hear "it's all good" again. (Said constantly by him in general to anyone who would listen. I personally had more than enough of the platitude after he said it to me when I questioned why he allowed people to go down the elevator that he was specifically supposed to stop people from going down! At which I finally had to counter: "No, it's not ALL good! THIS really was NOT good!" I left off the "Dipshit" epithet.)

I don't ever want to hear "God just blessed us with one" (about his one child) again. (It was mildly charming the first time; it was godawfully saccharine and monotonous the second and third and fourth times.)

I don't ever want to hear about his "battles" with not smoking again. (He hasn't smoked for 18 years, but he used to smoke "one or two" a day in his decadent heyday. "One or two packs?" I asked. No. One or two CIGARETTES a day! At that I, feeling like a Pink Lady from "Grease," outright laughed: "That's not even smoking! I smoke a pack a day!" Which briefly shut him up, thank god. But only briefly. He later took it upon himself to comment on how unwrinkled I looked for someone who smoked that much. Why was that? ("I moisturize.") And why didn't I have a raspy smoker's voice like most smoking ladies? ("I don't know.")

He also confessed that he got a buzz a couple of days ago from "2 beers." I didn't reveal anything in response to that!) :)

I don't ever want to hear about his job plans again. Once he learned I was a copy editor, he nodded and said he'd always thought he would make a great "copy writer." I refrained from trying to explain that "copy editor" and "copy writer" are not the same thing. But when he started to go on about how much he enjoyed (!) reading the ad flyers he got in the mail and thought he could do the same thing, I did decide to burst his bubble and tell him that people, believe it or not, actually STUDIED either advertising or marketing in college to learn ways of doing that sort of thing, the psychology of mass marketing, etc., and that corporations usually hired the people responsible for writing the flyers. He didn't get it. Instead, he's going to start writing up his own flyers just so he'll have a collection to show potential employers.

I don't ever want to hear about his dieting again. The first time I heard about his being proud of not going for a Whataburger late at night with his friend, I laughed while remembering all the late-night runs I used to make when I had a car, and said, seriously relating: "That IS willpower! Whataburger really does hit the spot late at night!" But then a couple of hours later, he started telling me the same (extremely) minor Whataburger/friend story yet AGAIN! I said, "Oh, you already told me!" But then he kept going on and ON with the SAME EXACT STORY! Even when I pointedly started looking up and down the hall, anything to avoid paying attention to that SAME story...

Good lord, I don't think there's any way I can handle listening to that sort of idiotic BLATHER all day again. We'll see how much the $80 means to me in a couple of weeks when UT has another home game. (I don't NEED the money this year, like I did last year. But I still keep thinking: "Very easy work. $80 = new pair of shoes or 2 weeks' worth of groceries. Don't turn down easy money." Etc. Etc. But BOY...)

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