Sunday, October 28, 2012

Got some Green?/Stay Smoov

"Got some Green?" Early-20s white kid in a white Lexus randomly driving up, sheepishly asking the two early-20s black kids at my bus-stop today. And they did; but drive around the back of the fast-food restaurant.

I dunno why this was so depressing to me. But it was. Like listening to the young black guy on the bus today trying to re-connect with a female friend who had just gotten on the bus; he'd been in jail for 3 years, just gotten out. She was glad to see him and chat, but didn't at all want to give any contact info, not her phone number, not even her Facebook page address. They eventually agreed that she would give out her "Yahoo number"...

"Stay smoov," he said, as he got off the bus.

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