Thursday, October 25, 2012


I just bought this floor lamp on eBay. With shipping, $67... I THINK that's a good deal! (They were offering "Buy It Now" for $149 plus s/h. And all other mid-century lamps in this good shape offered were all $100 or more...) I LIKE! :)

What I also like is that chair behind it---doesn't go with the lamp, but the chair would be perfect for a good old-fashioned LIBRARY with built-in bookshelves and fireplace (tended by others) and a huge mahogany desk (with green-shaded desk lamp). I would like a Victorian or Edwardian library (and bathroom, with clawfoot tub and stand-alone sinks, though I'd prefer a modern-plumbing toilet instead of a big ceramic bedside bowl to piss/shit in and secretly inspect before servants discreetly hauled away---how embarrassing to have someone else literally see your shit! Thus the influx of money from rich people back-when for the modern-plumbing invention!), a Danish Modern sun-room, an Art Nouveau bedroom, a Deco living room. And a 1930s American kitchen and car!

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