Sunday, October 28, 2012


What---did I think that bald men and thinning-haired women CHOSE to have their hair like that?
Did I think that people who wore glasses CHOSE to not be able to see clearly?
Did I think that the shuffleuffaguses on the bus/downtown CHOSE to not be able to walk briskly, or even "normally"?

Good lord. The same tendon in the ankle that one vicious cat of my first NYC roommate bit in the midst of a catfight with my Gracie back in 2008 (and that hobbled me for 2 weeks back then) gave out completely today. The tendon in the foot started niggling last week. I wore more comfortable shoes to work on Thursday and Friday, thinking that would make things better... Today, Saturday, went off to do shopping, with only minor pain. Two or so hours into the day, the pain kicked in. By the time I got home, I was uncontrollably visibly limping.

Later, once home, I realized I didn't have enough cigs in the house to last me through Monday morning, so needed to walk to the 2-blocks-away convenience store. By that time, I'd taken 4 ibuprofen, hoping that would work... And I put on my most cushy sneakers, hoping that would work... It didn't work. Still, needing cigarettes (and milk and OJ and trash bags), I SHUFFLED the 2 blocks to the convenience store. God, how embarrassing to be so publicly decrepit.

p.s. How do I get to work on Monday if this physical ankle-idiocy doesn't quit it? Take a $20 cab to and fro each way for a $12-an-hour job? (i.e., the cab charge is half my daily temp salary) How do I go to the grocery store tomorrow and get what I need to get for the coming week? (cereal, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.)

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