Friday, October 12, 2012

Quit judging incorrectly, young'uns!

Inspired by the variety of apropos-of-the-occasion actually stylish Longhorn burnt-orange fashion that I've seen the rich women wear in the suites during UT games, I decided to get myself something Longhornish. Well, nothing even a quarter as fancy or fashionable, just a plain 3/4-sleeved blouse from Marshall's, but HEY, it's BURNT ORANGE, dammit. (I dunno that I'll wear it to work or out in public or anything -- Team Spirit post-age 18 is pretty stupid unless you're way out of state and flaunting/flying your colors in the face of a good-naturedly "hostile" environment -- but at least I HAVE it to wear instead of a UT sweatshirt if I'm ever invited to a game-watching party or something.)

So then I get to the Marshall's register, and the teenaged girl working it says to me perkily when she sees the shirt: "You must be a Longhorn Mom!" What?! No sense at all of my mild aspiration to have "the right shirt for the right occasion" and the fact that being able to buy something frivolous makes me feel GREAT after years of shopping deprivation?

Flashed me RIGHT back to the Levi's store in Manhattan circa 2008, where THAT perky, teenaged salesgirl said to me: "I wish MY mom looked as good in those jeans as you do!"

It doesn't matter that I don't have any kids. That unknown fact stops no judging process by young folk! I'm 47! And I LOOK LIKE SOMEBODY'S MOTHER! Aarrrrrrrrrrrrgghhhhh! ;p Awaiting the inevitable: "You look like a Hot Longhorn Granny in that outfit!"

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