Friday, October 12, 2012

The Spending Dilemma

OK, I have $9500 (down from $10,000) in the bank. But a full-time temp job that pays only $12 an hour. At the $12-an-hour rate, I'm pretty much treading water to keep that $9500 intact. Maybe a couple of hundred left over every month after expenses to blow on a few small things.

Though, the $9500 or so has made me cocky and semi-spendthrift of late. In the past couple of weeks, I've bought (online) 3 leather bags, 3 pairs of ankle boots, Tennessee Williams's complete plays and memoirs, a new set of sheets, a new pair of pillows, the AP Style Guide (used, 2011), the APA Style Guide (used).

The bags: My black one was worn out. Needed a new black one. The earth-toned one: The one I bought at JCPenney's over the summer completely disintegrated after 3 weeks ("American Living" was the brand, made in China---don't buy!), so I needed a new earth-toned one. And then there was the great "oxblood" they're calling it this season that so matched my clay/oxblood loafers that I love so.

The boots: I already had 2 pairs of ankle boots, about 5 years old: black leather and beige suede. But the heels were too high to walk in comfortably for the mile or so a day I'm walking. So... new ones needed! (Plus a cheap pair of fake black leather for days when it rains!)

Williams: New intellectual stimulation and discovery needed!

Sheets: For the past 2 years, I've only had ONE set (burgundy) that I keep on my bed ALL the time! (My mom had given me a crappy old dark-blue set as a spare, but... dull/UGLY! Want to return to her ASAP!) So, OF COURSE, I need a 2nd set!

Pillows: Guilt here. I just bought 2 new pillows last year from Marshall's. But they turned out to lose their shape and flatten extremely quickly. I was pissed! To me, that was a real expenditure last year when I was super-broke! So it pains me to get newer ones so soon, but... I want good pillows! Dammit.

AP Style/APA Style: Tools of the copyediting trade. (Along with Chicago Manual of Style and Webster's New World Dictionary, which I've always kept up to date with and personally owned.) AP/APA, I've never owned, just used in offices. But in anticipation of any freelance work, it's about time I had these in my own home!

What's going to be the biggest surprise to my cushy little $9500 nest-egg is the huge hit it's going to take sometime very soon, when I go out and buy a new decked-out laptop for $1000. My mom bought me my first computer (an HP desktop) in 2000. By 2008, it was on its last legs, and a nice Joan Crawford website supporter then sent me his own old laptop (Dell, from 2005), which I've been using ever since (and am using at this moment).

Like the minor purchases of style guides -- like nearly everything above, actually -- now's the time to spend some of the money I have saved to FRESHEN UP and get realigned/rebooted for upcoming endeavors/struggles.

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