Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Congrats, Obama and ladies! :)

I made it to the polling place, my supermarket, where I stood for over an hour on my bum ankle and was forced to listen to idiotic conversations...but I made it through! :)

RE the "idiotic conversations":

Notably from the college girls behind me, who felt the need to comment on every single pinata and/or grocery item around us, punctuated by "Omigod"s, as in: "Omigod, I would totally pick THAT pinata! It's a racecar! And you KNOW how into cars I am!" And: "Omigod, look at those sodas!"

But also from the 2 60-something black "helpers" traveling up and down the line, loudly "listening" to people's myriad of potential voting problems and bullshitting with them, but offering no answers, that I heard, whatsoever. (What in the world were they there for, just to reassure fellow minorities that "whitey" wasn't in charge?) Sample: The white college kid in front of me had moved, he never got his new voter card, could he still vote? ME, silently: Yes you can. Just show your damn driver's license. The "helping lady" didn't know that, just stared at him blankly. Then she moved on to me and stared at me. I smiled at her, not needing any help with voting.

HER: "Well? What's your story?"
ME: [????]
HER: What do you need?
ME: Got my card, got my ID. I'm good. Thank you!

(Unlike some who apparently find procuring an ID difficult, I got an updated driver's license and voter's card within weeks of moving back to Austin in 2010. Not sure what the Democrats have been bitchin' about pre-election re so-called "evil Republicans" allegedly trying to disenfranchise people. IDs are cheap--and voter cards are free--people. It's not the Republicans' fault if you're too stupid or lazy to go get one.)

I was also annoyed at some of the workers at the table up front: Once I finally showed my voting creds and moved on to signing in, the woman in charge of that was just staring off into space. I stood there silently for a few seconds and then had to finally say, "HELLOOOO! Where do I sign??" I felt like snapping my fingers at her to wake her up. No wonder the line had been moving so slowly! (Also, this was a major voting hub, and there were only 7 voting stations. At the precinct I voted in in Weehawken, NJ, in 2008, for instance, there were at least 20 voting stations, two-thirds unused when I voted then.)

I arrived at the supermarket polling station at 4:26pm. Waited over an hour to vote. Got home--after shopping for a carton o' cigs and TP and beer and waiting for a couple of buses--by 7:15pm. By then, I was too tired to even stay awake and enjoy the election-night result coverage that I'd been looking forward to watching! I just collapsed into bed immediately and was asleep by 8:30. Luckily, I woke up right after midnight and got to watch Obama's speech! Good for him. Enough of the crappy Republican hate spewed at him for the past 2 years. (Health care's a GOOD thing, you idiots. As is "European-style Socialism"---check out Germany's economy, for instance. Germany is a European Socialist country whose care for its citizens AND its thriving economy BOTH FAR OUTPACE the US's.)


And other things I was happy about on election night:

Way to go, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin---for defeating Republican hack Tommy Thompson for Senate, and for being the first female Wisconsin Senator AND the first OUT GAY US Senator! (p.s. Weird trivia: Baldwin went to Plath's alma mater, Smith, and her birthday is February 11, the day Plath killed herself. And... February 11 is also Sarah Palin's birthday!)

Congrats also to Democrat Claire McCaskill for defeating the creep Todd "legitimate rape" Akin for the Missouri Senate seat.

And to New Hampshire, where every leadership position--governor, both Senators, both Representatives--is now held by a woman!

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